Pre-congress Sweden 2020

Sweden is hosting a pre-congress before the annual IFAJ congress of 2020 in Denmark.

(Read more about the Danish congress at:

The Swedish pre-pre congress tour in the southern part of Sweden is held during midsummer, 19th-21st of June. The tour starts with a traditional midsummer celebration. During the next two days the Swedish Guild will be happy to arrange different farm visits, based on the requests from the individual participants.

This will not be a regular pre congress tour with a fixed schedule and price. Instead we will aim to set up the best program for each friend that joins us, adjusted for each and everyones individual budget, spirit and needs.

We are now ready to get on with the fun and start planning your very own special Swedish adventure! The first step is to contact our coordinator Anna Falk, and then we take it from there.

Registration will close when we reach our maximum capacity of 16 participants. Dont miss out – contact Anna Falk today at

”The first one to get to the Mill is the one that gets to grind first”

old Swedish saying



For Swedish companies:

Vill ni hjälpa till att lyfta svenskt lantbruk för internationella journalister?

FSLJ erbjuder flera sponsorpaket för företag som vill vara med och göra verklighet av den svenska förkongressen. Det är ett unikt tillfälle att få visa upp svenskt lantbruk för internationell press och vi vill gärna att så många som möjligt ska få chansen att delta.

Vill du sponsra kongressen? Kontakta kongresskoordinator Anna Falk på