Upptäck kroatiska lantbruket

Nu finns det möjlighet för FSLJ-medlemmar att åka till Kroatien. Det är 6-10 juni. Är du intresserad av att åka? Mejla Lisbeth Karlsson (smedliza@telia.com) med din intresseanmälan senast nu på fredag 27/4. Är det flera som vill åka tar styrelsen beslut under helgen.

Nedan är programmet:



Croatian Agricultural Journalist Association (DANH) takes pleasure in inviting you to a low-budget press trip in Croatia from 6.th to 10.th of June 2018.

Since this is the first low budget press trip in our organization and in Croatia, we had in mind that although Croatia is a popular tourist destination, Croatian agriculture is pretty unknown to many, even to our colleagues agricultural journalists from other EU member states, so it is our intention to showcase the diversity that one can come across in Croatia, and as your hosts we will present particularly interesting Croatian agricultural producers.

Few will argue that there isn’t a better place to be than in Dalmatia early June, so come and visit Adriatic coast with the taste of authentic local agricultural products. Enjoy the sights of Croatian sea and nature wonders and see how they are used by talking to Croatian fishermen, world recognized and awarded cheese and winemakers and olive oil producers. Visit continental regions of Croatia and get to know vegetable and fruit growers, local farmers and learn about their life and other agricultural production in Croatia.

Here are the accents of the program:

Wednesday, 6th of June

There are 2 options for arrival and the beginning of the trip.

  1. You can come to Zadar airport on the 6.th of June before noon, or
  2. You can come to Zagreb airport on the 6.th of June before 10 am. Those who come to Zagreb will travel to Zadar by our bus.

June is the beginning of a tourist season in Croatia, so we recommend you to book your flights as soon as possible.

The first destination of the trip in the early afternoon will be the island of Pag and awarded cheesemaker „Gligora“, and after we will spend some time in an olive grove and vineyard talking to a manager of „MasVin“ cooperative well known for producing quality organic olive oil and wine. The day will end at another local winemaker with Dalmatian cuisine dinner.

Thursday, 7.th of June

What can be more reinvigorating than sunrise at Adriatic the coast? Well, we suggest to witness that for yourself and after breakfast to take a boat ride and visit a fish farm „Cromaris“ and get a chance to find out everything you want to know about fisheries and fishing in Croatia.

After lunch, we will depart from the city of  Zadar to Zadravec family in central Croatia.  We will visit an interesting Zadravec family owned mini dairy and get a taste of fresh cheese, favored by many Croatians.

Friday, 8.th of June

The third day will begin at BC Institute, leading seed and plant breeding company in Croatia where we will visit their crops and learn all about Croatian husbandry and farming. Then we will visit an exemplary vegetable grower Puškarić and have a lunch at his farm. The late afternoon is reserved for fruit producer „Vrtovi voća“ with an interesting innovation for frost protection. After dinner, we will head to an authentic Moslavina family estate with traditional wooden houses and there will be a wine tasting and a pleasant conversation with the local winemakers and also with Croatian member of European Parliament, Mrs. Marijana Petir.

Saturday, 9.th of June

After breakfast, we will leave Moslavina region and go to Slavonia region. „Osatina Group LTD.“ is a company with headquarter in the area of Đakovo. We will be introduced with company’s main activities including farming production, vegetable, milk, meat and feed mixture production, repurchase and trading of mercantile goods, retail and wholesale of seeds, fertilisers and plant protectors, fattening of bulls and pigs and production of electricity from biogas.

In the afternoon, we will go to family farm Vrakić, where you can meet Mr. Antun Vrakić, a farmer and a deputy president of Croatian Agricultural Chamber and his four sons. Every member of his large family works in agriculture and they live the traditional Croatian village life. At the end of the day, we will go to Radinje forest and hunting ground.

Sunday, 10.th of June

The last day of this trip, after the breakfast, you will be guests of the oldest agricultural radio broadcast show „Za selo i poljoprivredu“ which will in that occasion celebrate 70.th anniversary with live broadcast and with the special guest – Croatian minister of agriculture Mr. Tomislav Tolušić, who will also spend the morning with our group of agricultural journalist.

The program ends with the traditional Slavonian lunch.

The arrival to Zagreb airport is scheduled at 16:00.

The participation for the whole 5-day trip is 100 euro per person. The organizers don’t cover the cost of flights.

The organizers will cover costs of all meals, bus transfers and hotel stays in double bedrooms. In case of a single room preference, there is a 60 euro extra charge for the whole trip.

The number of seats for the trip is limited, so please register as soon as possible, and latest by the end of April. Please, again have in mind that the flights to Zagreb and Zadar will be soon sold out.

Take this unique opportunity and discover Croatian agricultural diversity!